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July 2011

The Umbilical Cord

For anyone caught in the grips or feeling smothered by an Umbilical Cord....Cut it and be free. Excerpts from Touched By People, Places and Things........
The Umbilical Cord
Cut, clamped and set free
The only thing left that symbolizes its existence is an "innie or outie" as the navel forms
But what happens to it?
How many other ones exist on the outside world that bind and tie us down?
Cords that wrap around us like a protective shield
At some point every one of them should be cut
Don't you want to be free?
They appear in the form of bad relationships, jobs, people, places and things in our lives
We are tied to them because we are scared to cut them loose
Keep the spiritual one that grounds you
This one is a good one
Hold on to it as it connects you to something greater than you or me
Cut the rest loose

Sunrise, Sunset

For Amy Winehouse.....RIP where there is no more addiction, hurt, pain, shame or sadness. Celebrate her life, be touched by her music! Excerpts from my book, "Touched By People, Places and Things" (page 89).
Sunrise, Sunset
We are all born with a purpose
Born into two different settings
Sunrise is the day we enter the world
The mystery is everything that now lies in between
The first process in which we cry to celebrate the birth of a person
Does the sun really come out?
Sunset is the day we leave this world
All we leave behind is how we lived and how we treated others
This is the process in which we should celebrate the life of a person
But where did the sun go?
Sunrise, Sunset

The Catwalk

Everyone has a special place that takes them back in time. Mine is the "Catwalk" at Uniondale High School! To all my UHS friends.....
Excerpts from my book...Touched By People, Places and Things:
The Catwalk
It was the great escape from every day life
We heard some of the best rapping, singing and comedy right there on its steps
This was the great cut-through, the go to and the gotta get to--place
It was like an overpass from one life to the next
When you did not go--you felt like you missed something
Oh, the fun we had there
We went there before class, during class and after class
We wished it were open on the weekends
Today it remains--The Catwalk
Today, I cherish every catwalk that kept us safe, provided us shelter from the rain and a great place to kick it with our friends!

The Addicted

Today I was reminded of the sickness of our addictions. Excerpts from Touched By People, Places and Things:
The Addicted
From executives to the unemployed, Wall Street to the projects, brothers and sisters or mothers and fathers
A hard thing to live or witness
Sick and tired or tired of being sick and tired is just not enough but a great start
The only way to recover from it is to accept, identify and own it
As long as we are comfortable with it we can never see the light ahead
Dare to recover from your addictions
To all those still sick and suffering from drugs, alcohol, bad jobs or relationships, addicted to money, status and cars - Let your addiction R.I.P.
Share your thoughts. Peace and Love.

Soul Mate

Have you met your soul mate? Excerpts from "Soul Mate"......
The one you laugh and cry with
The one you feel safe with
When you think about them waiting for you at home, you are overwhelmed with joy
The one you get when you are really ready for love
Today I am blessed to have met my soul mate!

One's Greatest Memories

Hello People!
So, growing up....what is your most fondest or greatest memories of your childhood???
OMG....for me it's the spirit of the "ICE CREAM MAN"! I wrote about it in my book but can remember each experience like it was yesterday! Screaming, running and feeling so good that I heard that wonderful song up the street or down the block! Simple pleasures in life found in the spirit of a truck, a song and ice cream.  Now, even as an adult, I feel the same way. The blessing is in remembering.
Care to share? Post a blog message of yours! Would love to hear from you! Until next time, Peace and Love!

Feel the Love

The immediate response to my new website is simply amazing! My family and friends are truly wonderful people and I can "Feel the Love"! I am humbled and overwhelmed with emotion! Yet, I am nothing without the God of my understanding guiding me through the beautiful "People, Places and Things" in my life!  Thank you! More to come.
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