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September 2011


9/11......My sister's birthday....a day the world will never forget!
Excerpts from my book with peace, love and honor in memory of my sister's birthday and over 3,000 people who lost their lives senselessly.
It was always a great day for me
This was the day my sister was born
The day was simple just because of that
In 2001, it became the day the world would never forget
A tragic time that changed the way we trust, act and feel
The day the Twin Towers crumbled
On this day there was no black or white
Just people mourning everywhere
I was evacuated onto Boerum Street
At the tip of the bridge
As I exited the Brooklyn Criminal Court building
I stepped into what looked like the Twilight Zone
I coughed as the black smoke chocked me, took my breath away
Fear set in as I remembered that my mother was down there in the moments of impact
I was lost for words and all cried out
All i could do was pray and pray some more
I called my sister to say happy birthday and that there was no news about our mother
We cried together on the phone and I knew my sister's birthday would never be the same
Days later I was asked to conduct grief counseling with the NY Giants
This was in honor of my earlier work with the team
I saw grown men cry and was sad with them
As we all mourned the loss--together
For years my sister did not celebrate her birthday
I am happy that that has now changed
Whatever you remember about that day
Wherever you were on this day
Remember and reflect on the unforgotten spirits and souls that the world will never forget
Gone but not forgotten....September 11, 2001
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