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October 2011

The Heart and Soul

Titles from “Touched By People, Places and Things”……
The Heart and Soul
One beats while the other quietly stores the very essence of who you are
Many will never experience getting into either of them
Both lie deep within
Two secret places and things within all of us
Where the spirit lives and the God of our understanding dwells
One dies while the other lives on forever
Neither exempt from pain and turmoil
The most treasured things that one possesses
One stores pain while the other one restores faith to heal the pain
Something greater than us knows better than anyone else
One has a protective shield around it but the other is too deep to even get to
One can be repaired, rebuilt, removed, restarted or replaced and the other is simply renewed and at rest
People will be remembered and defined by both
They can be so cold or like gold
You cannot hide from either of them
Feel the joy and the pain
It’s possible to have one without the other
Both tell the greatest story ever told
The keys to who you really are
The challenge is—do you know how you would like to be remembered and defined by both?
Can’t have one without the other………
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