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December 2011

Good Friends

As we approach a New Year, I want to wish you the best of People, Places and Things as we remember the importance of good friends and family. Peace and Love!
Excerpts from "Touched By People, Places and Things":  Good Friends
A true blessing in adulthood and into old age
Among the treasured and entrusted
The blessing of being reconnected by computers and the Internet
Hearing their voices on the other end of the phone puts a smile on your face
They become sponsors, encouragers, confidants, advisors and healers
Helping create a lifetime of fun and good times
Do you know who your friends are?
Celebrate your good friends for a lifetime.....

What I want for the Holidays....

What I want for the Holidays.........
To bring back those we lost
To restore love and faith in those suffering
To take away the pain in the hearts of many
Peace for everyone
A lifetime with family and friends
To see you smile again
Time for healing
A true blessing
The gift of giving without expecting anything in return
To wipe the tears from your eyes
Joy and happiness  on the faces of those we love
To believe that true love lasts forever
To thank you for being my family and friends

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and your family the best of "People, Places and Things" during this Holiday season 2011. Happy Holidays and the joy of a New Year!
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